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NFT Market questions and answers

F.A.Q. - 02.11.2021

The wallets are created for the shelters. After training, they can use it as pleased.

To your own wallet (TW or MM). You can connect the wallet via our vizslamarket.io website by clicking on the "connect wallet" icon. Who will write the wallet addressed if the connection is successful.

Images can be saved by any other means, such as an image slicer, but it cannot be used in the NDP market or does not have the associated unique identification codes.

0.5-1BNB, a bid will be available later. Looking for a market position, we determined the price and did not want to over-position or under-position. Looking for marketplaces, we were looking for an below average price. In addition, the amount should be a significant help to the shelter.

The resell option is initially resolved (and developed 2 months after launch) or after 500 images are sold. Other presale NFT platforms work similarly when opened. Our plan may change regardless.

We will implement bidding as we expand our portfolio and opportunities.

For now, we are thinking about the possibilities. We can't set a time limit yet.

By increasing the value of the HVI token, we do this with the most popular coin. Payment in base currency is the usual anyway.

Dog name, block chain code, shelter, price. Later: history of origin, gender and trait. However, we can only serve with these if the shelter can also pass them on.

No, but we will look at the possibilities of this in the future.

If possible, yes.

500 in Presale according to preliminary plans.

2 months from launch or 500 images sold. Standard procedure during presale period.

4 shelters and 1 animal rescue association as of 01.11.2021.

The more the merrier. We will be looking for Hungarian zoos first, but of course we will also be looking for foreigners in parallel.

VizslArt. That is, artistic or artist made images that will be available in about 1 month.

After about 3-4 months.

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